This is Democracy, These Are Our Values

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by Chris Black

A collection of videos coming out of the Ukraine showing CIA and NATO trained paramilitary units savagely torturing men, women and children.

Some of these are looters and criminals, but several are being attacked for being Russian or political reasons.

This footage is being uploaded by the Ukrainians themselves.

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I first saw this video yesterday and couldn’t believe it was real. I checked with a few people who speak the language and the subtitles are accurate and this was indeed aired on a popular morning show. This man is not a comedian or satirist, he is a journalist on Ukrainian television.

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Some sort of Middle Eastern man referencing fake Adolf Eichmann quotes to justify his call to murder Russian children in the name of Ukrainian glory. This is the kind of incitement that is freely broadcast by “respected journalists” on Ukrainian TV.

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The evidence is also growing that the destruction of the Mariupol Drama Theater, promoted by the media as a Russian atrocity against civilians despite a curious lack of casualties, was also a false flag.


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