This is Why “Capitalism” (corporations) Became “Woke” (left-wing), No Convoluted Theories Necessary

by Chris Black

  1. “Civil rights” law made “discrimination” illegal, so corporations get sued for being “bigoted” in ridiculous cases that always side with the “victim” because leftists control the courts. First and foremost, corporations are legally forced to “go woke.”
  2. Leftists/Jews control academia (education in general but academia especially) and the media, which brainwash the elite and the masses respectively, defining the normalized standard of behavior. Being a CEO doesn’t make someone impervious to brainwashing.
  3. Globalist organizations (e.g. UN) and financial institutions (e.g. BlackRock) create things like ESG scores, which act as a literal social credit system for corporations that bullies them into implementing “woke” policies under threat of financial ruin.
  4. Pressure groups, like the ADL and SPLC, campaign in collaboration with the mainstream media to ruin the life of anyone who speaks out against leftist ideology. This applies to CEOs as much as it applies to plebs. Even entire corporations get publicly “dragged” — as the libtards put it.
  5. The boards of megacorporations were colonized by goons from the Council on Foreign Relations, WEF, etc., who enforce “wokeness” from the top down. Similarly, HR departments are now full of neurotic leftists who enforce “wokeness” from the bottom up.

So, it boils down to:

– Civil rights law

– Leftist ideological hegemony and political domination

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– Threats and extortion

– Active conspiracy

… AKA the same reasons everything else became “woke.”

Note that this phenomenon can easily be explained without any retarded Marxoid-esque theories about “technocapital” or “barriers to consumption” or “Neo-Liberals” trying to prevent the Workers Revolution™ by virtue signalling about transgenderism.



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