This may be indicative of WI Voter Fraud in Dem Cities

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Green Bay among areas declining National Guard help despite poll worker shortage

GREEN BAY (WLUK) — With Green Bay voters saying they waited up to four hours to vote, FOX 11 has learned the city declined extra poll workers from the National Guard.

Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno says Allouez and Hobart also declined the help.

Juno says the county has about 150 soldiers to help out at no extra cost to the municipality.

Green Bay normally has 31 polling locations each election but downsized to two locations, at Green Bay West and East High Schools, because of a shortage of poll workers. Mayor Eric Genrich said last week the city originally had 270 poll workers for the election, but coronavirus fears brought the total down to 17.

Why would they say no to free and trained help which would have alleviated long lines and pissed off voters?

Look at Milwaukee through the same lens…


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