Big Tech cracks down on Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine pioneer who warns about their risks.

Malone announced his removal several hours after sharing his LinkedIn post on Health Canada’s response to concerns raised by him and others about the “spike protein” on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

He appears to be referring to the regulator’s new heart-inflammation warnings, directed toward younger male adults and adolescents, on the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

“This is certainly a big step forward in my opinion — particularly in contrast to the communication (or lack thereof) and denial from the US and other governments,” according to an incomplete archived version of his LinkedIn post. “At least we are now discussing the merits and limitations of the scientific data.”

It’s the latest allegation of Big Tech suppressing contrarian views on COVID from highly credentialed scientists, even as medical and legal experts call attention to reported risks of mRNA vaccines for younger people, including college students and active-duty military men.

Twitter locked Harvard Medical School epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff out of his account for a month in response to his stated skepticism of the protective power of masks. He took to LinkedIn to share his thoughts and has continued to do so after Twitter reinstated him.

Kulldorff told Just the News that LinkedIn’s action against Malone was “disturbing” but didn’t answer how it would affect his own use of the professional social network. Malone is retweeting followers sharing screenshots of their LinkedIn account cancelations.

“Open debate is especially important during a public health emergency when many important public health question[s] do not yet have a known answer,” Kulldorff wrote in an email. “To censor and silence scientists under such circumstances can lead to many unnecessary deaths,” which is why LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should “restore all suspended accounts.”

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When you go out of your way to silence people, it doesn’t suggest that you have nothing to hide. Responding to scientific arguments with scientific arguments, not censorship, is the only scientific way to respond to criticism.



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