Three Blind Lies…

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by John Ward

Joe Go Bye-Byezzzzz has been assessing the talents of Jerome Powell during this his year as America’s first ever remote-controlled taxidermy President. Jerome (having been wrong about everything from the need for rising rates to control of inflation) is tailor made for the production of a major-league apocalypse, so it looks like he’s the shoo-in for a second term.

It is, naturally, important to make sure all the financial and fiscal fundamentals are in place in for the markets to decide what’s important, as opposed to tanking on the basis of omicron. Unfortunately, all the fundas left the theatre twelve years ago, so now only the mentals are left – and it shows: the price of oil slumped by 13%…..and that of course means the price of petrol keeps going up. Bourse rationales are by nature irrational, and probably the only narrative sillier than vaccines that don’t vaccinate.

Biden went white when he saw the saw the markets react. Then he hung a white again on being briefed about omicron, and finally turned white again on realising he’d missed Thanksgiving. So now he’s white back where he started…in the White House, wondering what the danged-blasted hell he’s doing there. Joegaff of the week was the POTUS getting to the end of his teleprompter and saying “end of quote”. If only that was a joke.

On the other side of the Pond, the Special Relations have elected a Prime Minister so virologically and computer-science illiterate, aides are working round the clock to try and dumb him up. Last week, Boris told the CBI they need to “learn to code”. This was a little like telling Henry Ford he needed to brush up on his horse-riding skills; but just to demonstrate that his faux pas was no fluke, BoJo went live onto television (flanked by Twitty-dum and Bank-Vallance) in order to announce the omican variant’s arrival in town…and his plan to make masks mandatory again in UK retail outlets as the cunning counter to Big O. Perhaps the temperatures having dropped below zero last night, the PM reasoned that – coming as it does from Africa – the new variant will make a beeline for the shops and eschew the chilly east winds outside. Or probably not.

But the icy temperatures are real enough and – like all 21st Century narratives – somewhat counter-intuitive given the warming theory. That’s the recently minted technical term to describe something that isn’t happening, but the NWOs would like it to. It’s regularly used in Covidspeak – for instance asymptomatic, and breakthrough infection – to describe tests that are useless and vaccines that don’t….oh sod it – you know the rest by now anyway.

I live much closer to the equator than the Brits, but this Summer our temperatures and rainfall have been down and up respectively. Tonight it’s going to be -4°C here….and it’s still November. The Greens’ Miss Piggy Greta Thunberg is suddenly nowhere to be seen – which is a relief if nothing else: not so much Thunderbirds are Go so much as Thunberg has gone. Add the words ‘for good’ to that and we’d all be happier bunnies.

Unfortunately, back in Downing Street, the Chattering Classy bird Carrie Antoinette has the ear of the only Prime Minister we ever had who still lives in 1500BC….where his ancient Greek is fluent, and he runs through the streets in his bathrobe shouting “Eureka!” – but in real Now time effortlessly adds ecology to the list of things about which he knows absolutely nothing.

See also  Joe Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act to cost US $1.2 trillion, Goldman Sachs says. Three times more than what supporters initially claimed"

It is largely thanks to her Sloane Square Viridessence that the British government has now made a number of impossible promises (and half-baked energy decisions) that could very easily put the icing on a cake that was already based on an empty treasury base, far too many unknown foreign spices in the mix, and candles replacing light bulbs as wind-puffs stutter.

So what is my point? Simply this: for reasons ranging from ignorant incompetence via naked totalitarian greed to wacky theories about population control, Three Blind Lies are guiding and driving planetary econo-fiscal, health and ecological policies respectively. These are that monetarism still has all the answers, dangerously genetic manipulation drugs are required to control Coronavirus, and the planet is facing overheating, rising sea levels and varietal species destruction all at the same time thanks to CO2 and Homo sapiens.

Whatever you think about all that (and to my mind, IABATO* applies) I think it’s useful to ridicule it – and good for my personal R&R needs; but more importantly I think it’s high time 7outof8 alleged “adults” started sporting long trousers and mammary support in deciding whether to go along with what tends to be called “the narrative”, but is in reality kindergarten phooey.

See also  Joe Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act to cost US $1.2 trillion, Goldman Sachs says. Three times more than what supporters initially claimed"

Tonight, for the first time, I’m laying out for full close examination what I think we are about to face.

It is nothing less than the New Dark Age referred to by Winston Churchill in his 1940 speeches. I was driving back from my local market town in France this afternoon when I saw a striking splash of yellow-orange mélange on the horizon desperately trying to fashion a sunset from prevailing grey cloud. While its attempt to lighten the mood was in vain, the hot colours nevertheless held out the promise of better times when the month is May rather than November.

But the World is in November – and it could yet remain spiritually in that dullard month for many years to come unless people with a more realistic view of life in a 3-dimensional Universe stand up and say NO, throwing their sabots into the engines of monstrous Might-is-Right tanks determined to crush the libertarian hopes of the Wise.

I listen to what the Gates and Schwabs and Faucis and Hancocks and Draghis and Macrons and Merkels and Bidens and Johnsons and Javids and Sunaks say. And then I watch what they do. At that moment, I know they are Nazi collaborators….and We Are the Resistance.

We the 1in8 are still in need of a second Mayflower, safe havens and solidarity. We have left it late, but we cannot merely hide: we must come back one day in triumph, having revealed the true level of evil in our midst.

* It’s all bollocks and that’s official

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