Thymosin Alpha 1 (Tα1) Reduces Mortality of Severe COVID-19 patients; also used as a prophylactic

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by JWhite

A Belgian doctor sent an email advocating the use of Thymosin Alpha 1 in the treatment of SC2, and indicating it ‘decreases mortality by 66% in severely affected COVID patients’.

Here is a small retrospective study from Wuhan of the use of Thymosin Alpha 1 in Sars-Cov2 treatment:
Thymosin Alpha 1 (Tα1) Reduces the Mortality of Severe COVID-19 by Restoration of Lymphocytopenia and Reversion of Exhausted T Cells

I also came across this short article, which indicates the peptide was also used as a prophylactic with classic SARS in China:

Some highlights:

Thymosin α 1 (Tα1) is a naturally occurring 28-amino-acid peptide originally isolated from thymus. It acts both as an immune modulator and direct-acting effect.1
Tα1 has been widely used and tested in a broad range of clinical applications including viral, fungal and bacterial infectious diseases, cancer and as a vaccine enhancer.
Due to its biological properties and safety profile Tα1 could be used as a protective agent in the elderly subjects with a higher susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Many people in China used Tα1 as a prophylactic agent against SARS-COV during the 2003 pandemic.2


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