Top 10 real stories you’ll NEVER see again in American mainstream media

by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Not only has mainstream media been corrupt, dating back to Vietnam and that horrific misinformation campaign, but today’s “MSM” has gone off the deep end, completely blacklisting any news about anything that doesn’t fit their narrative and hasn’t fit for the last decade. Obama made sure of that. From mass shootings at schools to day-of-birth abortions, the Left loves gore and their demented “sacrificial lambs,” but when it comes to Americans defending liberty or children’s health, mum’s the word across all media outlets, including TV, newspapers, most websites, and of course, all of social media. They’ll plaster mass-propaganda everywhere about wearing covid masks, but they’re all still for open borders, where millions of immigrants pour into America with every disease, virus and bacterial infection that terrifies all the crazy leftists.

Bad Food, Corrupt Medicine, Gun Control, Gender Fluidity and a Fake Race War

Mainstream media will plaster close-up video footage of crime scenes that fit their narrative, that usually being gun control, race-baiting, gender fluidity, and social justice warrior cry-bully themes, but they’ll bury video footage that counters their narrative, never to speak of it again. It’s a simple formula. Just script out want you want Americans to believe, then create news (think staged events, some real, some not) that support that agenda.

Think about it. There’s really no race war going on in America. That ended decades ago. Everybody has every right to work hard, own a home, eat healthy, use natural medicine, and take care of children — or not. You can travel freely and start your own business too, doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, brown, orange (orange man bad) or blue.

And that, my friends, brings us to the…

Top 10 stories you’ll NEVER see again in American mainstream news

#1. Heroic cops – Nope, no more coverage of a police officer saving a kid, or an old lady, or helping someone ward off attackers, just “All cops bad. All cops racist. No good cops. Defund all cops. Defund Ice” –  you get the picture.

#2. Illegal immigrants test positive for Covid-19 (or any other disease for that matter) – That’s right, there’s no such thing as an illegal immigrant (easy Democrat voter) who has measles, lice, tuberculosis, Hep B, coronavirus, the flu. Nope, they’re all perfectly healthy so all news about them is glorious.

#3. Black Americans who support Donald Trump – Any Black American who supports our current president is called a “coon” or an “Uncle Tom” negro by all Leftist Blacks. Period.

#4. Donald Trump does something good – Even if the POTUS pulled a drowning boy out of the ocean today and saved his life, the CNN headline would be “Trump may have dislocated boy’s shoulder while rough-housing in ocean.”

#5. Donald Trump is winning in the “polls” – Even after they all lied through their teeth and said Hillary was a slam dunk and winning in the polls by 20 percent, she lost. Did we all forget already? Now they say Trump is behind Biden. Way behind, but Biden is senile and it shows more every day.

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#6. Negative coverage about Muslim or Islamic terrorists – If a white dude blows something or somebody up, it’s all over US news for weeks: “White supremacist terrorist …” or “Race war heats up …” – but if a Muslim or Islamic person does it — silence.

#7. Black Lives Matter rioters burn, loot, rape, murder – this is all called “peaceful protesting” (and block out all video footage of it), but when gun rights activist peacefully protest in town square or at the capital, send in the paid Antifa goons and call it “riots” and “white-supremacist Nazi rallies.”

#8. Law-abiding citizen with legal carry prevents mass shooting catastrophe – Any mass shooting happens in America and the media and the Democrat leaders go wild, calling for gun control! Yet, if a mass shooter psychopath gets gunned down during his tirade by a legally armed citizen or off-duty cop, that coverage is nowhere to be found, at all.

#9. Coverage of small businesses doing well – The new era of involuntary socialism is here. Wear your mask, social distance, and only purchase goods and services from huge corporations that want to crush America and turn it into a communist nightmare, like Venezuela.

#10. Anything positive about religion – Democrats are demons, so they despise God and any symbol or mention of Him. God bless America. In God we Trust.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on the psychotic left trying their best to take away our second amendment rights while twisting, modifying and faking the news cycle. According to the Left now, being patriotic is being racist and terrorist. Yes, it’s come to that.

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