TOTAL COINCIDENCE ALERT: C19 Diagnostic Criteria Tightened by WHO on Biden Inauguration Day!

TOTAL COINCIDENCE ALERT: C19 Diagnostic Criteria Tightened by WHO on Biden Inauguration Day!

They (the WHO – World Health Organization) are changing the criteria for testing positive for coronavirus, no longer is it just one positive pcr/lateral flow test and you have coronavirus and get added to the daily list, which was used up till now to scare people with the infected numbers and make them more likely to want a vaccine.

Now there are 5 or 6? conditions that need to be met in order to be counted as having coronavirus…

“Clinicians now, not only can, but “must” also consider a wide array of other factors, like “timing of sampling, specimen type, assay specifics, clinical observations, patient history, confirmed status of any contacts,” and even something called “epidemiological information”—whatever that exactly is—before diagnosing anyone with COVID-19.

WHO has also suddenly decided that, if you don’t show any symptoms, you’ll need to get a second test for confirmation as well.”

Do you know why they are now making it harder to be counted as positive for coronavirus…

since the vaccines came out…

because israel just basically came out and said the vaccines do not work, they are not effective as you can still get coronavirus…

12,000+ vaccinated people still got coronavirus, 69 after having their second dose of the vaccine.

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Can you imagine if this were to continue as a trend what would happen? if news all over the world was that vaccines do not work. No one would take the vaccines if they knew they didnt work or barely worked. They want us all vaccinated and do not want anything to come along and stop that.


FDA Admits PCR Tests Give False Results, Prepares Ground For Biden To “Crush” Casedemic

The PCR TEST HAS AN ACCURACY OF 0% when more than 35 cycles are used !

Yes they use more than 35 cycles for the pcr tests which gives them zero % accuracy. PCR tests are fake and lateral flow tests are even less accurate than 0%


PCR and lateral flow tests for coronavirus / covid-19 are completely innacurate, the results are random at best, with false positives and false negatives. They cannot be trusted at all.

That is why the daily cases of people who have tested positive for coronavirus is soo high, it was meant to scare you into believing this is a real serious pandemic.

Even the daily deaths due to coronavirus / covid-19 are completely fabricated and way higher than they should be due to the way they count as coronavirus deaths. This is also intended to scare you into taking the vaccines…

newtube video…

All countries are guilty of wrongly counting covid deaths. There have been other reports in other countries saying they are counting the deaths wrongly and they are too high. If you have a fake covid test that falsely counts you as positive then die within 30 days you are counted as having died from covid-19 regardless of what you actually died from and added to the daily deaths tally. The goalposts move on how and when to count you as a covid death the length of time.




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