‘Total fiasco’: Dismay after UK minister admits government prioritized NHS over care homes during Covid-19 early stages

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UK hospitals were prioritized over social care homes during the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, a government minister has admitted, prompting public anger in light of the huge amount of Covid-19 deaths among the elderly.
Justice Secretary Robert Buckland became the first UK government minister on Wednesday to ostensibly concede that they decided to direct the majority of resources toward the NHS at the detriment of care homes in terms of protection against the deadly Covid-19 disease.

It also appears to fly in the face of rhetoric peddled by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who has insisted in recent days that they have “tried to throw a protective ring around” care homes “right from the start” of the outbreak.

During an interview on Sky News Buckland admitted that the staggering amount of deaths in care homes has been “a great regret,” but now was “not the time to blame people.” However, he claimed that it was “absolutely essential” the NHS was given priority.




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