Trudeau said today he won’t let “the mob” control his campaign

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Saying he’s inspired by front-line workers facing harassment on the job, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said today he won’t let “the mob” control his campaign after he was sprayed with gravel during a raucous protest in London, Ont. yesterday.

“No one should be doing their jobs under the threat of violence or acts that put them in danger,” he said during a campaign stop in Montreal today.

“There are health care workers across the country who are getting hassled and intimidated and bullied as they are going in to work to keep people safe and alive. There are store clerks, waitresses, people going about their daily lives getting yelled at and pushed around for wearing masks, for being vaccinated. That’s not how we do things in Canada.”

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In an email to CBC News Tuesday, a spokesperson for the London Police Service (LPS) said it has opened an investigation into the incident. The LPS is asking anyone with information to contact them.

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