Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani Says Election will Be Overturned: “We Have Proof I Can’t Disclose Yet”… Sydney Powell: “We Have Evidence of Kickbacks”

This morning on Maria Bartiromo’s show:

* Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger (USCG Retired), who is on the Board of Directors of Smartmatic
and on the Biden transition team 
has given a sworn affidavit of how the software
was designed, plammed and implemented to modify the votes in this election.

* The algorithm they used has been identified.

* No lack of evidence. “Coming in like through a firehose.”

* Kickbacks to government officials have been revealed.

* Ratios of 67% to Biden and 23% to Trump were uploaded multiple times into the system.

* Gina Haspel, head of CIA, needs to be fired immediately.

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h/t Avenger1