Trump confidant tells LifeSite: the president has all the proof needed to show massive fraud, vote switching

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Continuing on, Steve explained that, “they’re not just trying to steal the election. They’re trying to steal our country…if they succeed in the massive election heist that’s currently underway, we’ll never have another free and fair election in this country, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t listen to the mainstream media now,” he remarked. “I’m very disappointed in Fox…because the word came down from Rupert Murdoch and his sons that they were going to shift sides and they’ve shifted sides in a big way. They’ve been part of this coup attempt too.”

Steve is an expert on China and global affairs. He’s been in touch with the president’s team on a daily basis. People in the White House know that Trump won, he said, because the numbers that came in on election night were massively in his favor. But the Democrats didn’t expect such a huge difference, so they had to shut down the counting and bring in phony ballots and switch votes electronically to make up the gap.




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