Trump’s Legal Team Press Conference | Synopsis

Here’s what I got from the presser:

1. They’ve basically accused the DNC of working with foreign actors in the election. (Dominion, Smartmatic, Venezuela, Cuba, China)

2. They also said that it’s not just low level election workers, but the election bosses, leadership, up the chain to Biden and company (They were clear about this twice in the presentation that Biden knew of these illegal actions before the election and even quoted the times when Biden bragged about it openly.)

3. All the states in question, stopped the counting of the vote on election night at the same time, and then in a coordinated effort, at the same time, when they thought no one was looking, they all added new votes for Biden only, which barely pushed Biden over the finish line.)

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They have hundreds of witnesses, signed affidavits, and a plethora of mathematical analysis on the voting results and timestamps of each flip and switch, addition, and removal.

They also chastised the federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies (FBI, See Eye A, NSA, etc.) and that they have used these corrupt systems before against foreign nations and this time they were used against the American citizens.

Their strategy is to move forward legally, secure the legal votes, or at least allow for the constitution to allow the legislatures to decide the electoral college results, and destroy and dismantle the DNC, its leadership, and those who assisted them (Federal Agencies, and Foreign Nations) in the process.

What did you guys hear?


h/t Coppercoal