United Nation Vehicle Overturns In Congo…Busted Illegal Minerals Fall Everywhere!

by Thinker

Can anyone say “GREED” using the poor Black Africans and nonprofits moving the products/minerals stolen out of African nations. How did a United Nations truck full of illegal minerals not make the front pages of American news, since it is headquartered in New York city??? The city that continues to have history with Africa, Blacks, and lots of corruption. A look closer to the United Nations, and one should wonder why they’ve never put water wells in the villages of third world countries. If the people can feed themselves, they don’t need help. What is the U.N. really doing and who is being held accountable for their actions???

UN peacekeepers accused of thousands of cases of abuse, AP finds

A new investigation by The Associated Press found nearly 2,000 allegations of abuse and exploitation by United Nations peacekeepers in the past 12 years in countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Haiti. More than 300 of the sexual abuse cases involved children; few perpetrators served jail time. Hari Sreenivasan talks to Trish Wilson of the Associated Press.

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Why didn’t Bill Gates give the kids a pack of seeds with every vaccine and water wells???

Might be to many healthy Black African children and villages thriving???

Looking at the wealthy of the world when one looks at Africa is to see the greed that has never stopped and the enslavement of the richest continent in the world.

Crime of Agenda 21 in Africa’s people.


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