US Congressmen Go to Ukraine, Atrocity Propaganda Ensues

by Chris Black

“There is indisputable evidence of Putin’s war crimes everywhere”

Hey Senator, what about Zelensky and Poroshenko’s war crimes committed against the people in the eastern Ukraine from 2014-2021?

What about the US bioweapons labs in Ukraine built and operated by Black and Veatch?

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I bet they also met the Ghost of Kiev, along with other fantasies. Did they watch online videos of video games, and claim they saw Russian jets getting blown up?

People have been conditioned to believe any lie the government tells them. People telling the truth are branded as lunatics and purveyors of misinformation. That is the great thing about calling something misinformation. It doesn’t have to be wrong, just different from an official narrative. 

They claim misinformation is dangerous because it might cause confusion. So just believe lies from the government because it is easier than figuring out the truth for yourself.

The truth is that Zelensky and the tribe he represents have been guilty of the worst crimes against humanity for thousands of years.


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