US Government COVID – 19 Response Plan

U . S. Government
COVID – 19 Response Plan
March 13, 2020

I haven’t read through it yet, but I plan to do so today. I realize it’s bad form to not provide at least a brief summary, but I’m getting ready to head to work and don’t have the time to read the report yet. Thought it was worth sharing anyway at this point. There is some information in the article on Fox which I have linked below:

US coronavirus crisis could last 18 months or more, federal plan warns: report

A 100-page contingency plan recently delivered to government policymakers says the coronavirus crisis in the U.S. could stretch on for 18 months – and possibly longer, according to a report.

From page 20 of the report;


Using plain language and accessible formats, provide timely messaging with a focus on foreshadowing potential mitigation measures in a manner to mitigate the risk of causing
unnecessary alarm.



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