Using your Internet Searching for your Credit Score

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by Martin Armstrong


I cannot thank you enough for your tireless efforts in keeping us informed.
The insanity just keeps ramping up. An article today about Rebel News being denied a bank loan because they oppose Trudeau. Headline & link to the article:
Royal Bank of Canada rejected our mortgage because we’re conservative
REPLY: There are serious proposals in the United States that they should follow China and make your browser searching part of the credit score. I have had serious off-the-record conversations that this proposal is being promoted behind the curtain and it appears to be coming from the Biden Administration. I also spoke with a school psychologist who is very upset over what is taking place in identifying students. If they are anti-COVID VAX, they are immediately being associated with anti-all Vaccines and are considered to be White Supremacists. Well I have two black girls working for me and both are anti-COVID Vax so I do not see how this makes them a White Supremacist.
The New Norm is seeking to characterize everyone and the end goal here is to isolate and ostracize anyone who is anti-government.
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