Vaccine Booster Leads to 2,8% Damaged Hearts Instead of Expected 0,0035%

by Chris Black

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>Based on the presentation by Christian Eugen Mueller (Basel, Switzerland): ” Myocardial Inflammation/Myocarditis After COVID-19 mRNA Booster Vaccination

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>A total of 835 patients were included, including 777 who received troponinemia assay on D3, among these patients 40 had increased troponinemia. In 18 of them, causes other than the vaccine were identified that could explain the rise in troponinemia, and in the remaining 22 no cause other than the vaccine was implicated.

>The population studied was mainly composed of women (69%), the average age was 37 years and the patients overwhelmingly received their 3rd dose ( 92%). Less than 2% of them had a cardiovascular history.

>The results of the study found that 2.8% of the vaccinated population had myocardial lesions, 3.7% in women and 0.8% in men

>The actual incidence of post-vaccination myocardial lesions is 2.8% vs 0.0035% (800 times higher than the usual incidence of myocarditis)

Now I wonder what are the other long-term effects…


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