VIDEO: “Voter fraud caught on camera in Germantown, MD. Poll worker either fills out blank ballot or changes existing one”?

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“You don’t look around like that unless you’re doing
something wrong.”

“Former Loss Prevention specialist checking in. That isn’t necessarily true, but it’s DEFINITELY a sign that SOMETHING is amiss.

We were trained to zero in on that exact behavior – when the eyes aren’t following what the hands are doing – and ask ourselves, “Why is this person more interested in who’s around than on what he’s doing with his hands.

Possible explanations in a retail context:

Found an item he likes and wants to show a friend or family member.
Heard a noise or sound that distracted him momentarily from what he was doing.
He’s decided he’s going to steal the item and he’s looking for store security or cameras.
There’s not a whole lot of other possible explanations that fit. And the best part is, we ALWAYS got confirmation within minutes of of that behavior – either a family member shows up, or he finds that friend and shows them the merchandise, or there is a corresponding sound or other distraction that we can identify on the camera footage, OR, he conceals the item and does the dirty deed.

In this case, he’s CLEARLY looking around prior to doctoring the ballot.

If he worked at my store, it would be enough evidence to install several more cameras in order to fully document his actions.

That’s what needs to happen here. Instead of airing this publicly, this should have gone to the police for a full investigation.”

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