VOTER FRAUD IS RAMPANT BECAUSE THINGS LIKE THIS ARE POSSIBLE – “897 uncounted votes in Rogers discovered on lost thumb drive”

ROGERS — Benton County election officials failed to count almost 900 votes Tuesday night because of an overlooked thumb drive.

Kim Dennison with the Benton County Election Commission said no election outcomes were affected by the missing votes, which were from the Centro Cristiano de Rogers location on First Street.

The thumb drive was found Wednesday at the bottom of a bag carried in from the vote center location Tuesday night. In all, 897 votes were missed.

“It simply got overlooked,” Dennison said Thursday.

Russell Anzalone, chairman of the Election Commission, stressed Thursday that the results provided Tuesday night were unofficial.

“We try to do everything possible to make sure every vote is counted,” Anzalone said. “Sometimes, you don’t catch everything. Something fell through the cracks, yes it did.”

Dennison took the election tape, a printout of all votes cast at the location, and manually added the numbers to see if any races changed.


h/t Mccruise