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Check out this report by The Epoch Times’ Daniel Teng on the list of 5,000 foreigners tracked by China’s pervasive internal surveillance system. The lead photo of dozens of surveillance cameras on a beam in Hangzhou is chilling.

BECAUSE IT IS: Joe Biden’s ‘Vaccine Passport’ Sounds Like Precursor to China’s Social Credit Score.

The worldwide pandemic vaccine passport being proposed appear to be a lighter version (for the moment) of China’s social credit score scheme. This divides people into camps, the trustworthy and the untrustworthy. “Trustworthy” people who hew to government diktat would get more points. This is a scheme we feel sure the Left is going to love. You can guess which group you’d be in.

China’s rulers in the Communist Party began pre-announcing its social credit score in 2014. It was rolled out soon thereafter and was to have been country-wide by 2020.

Vox reports that the government’s goal in setting up the system was to “help ensure a model society in which “sincerity and trustworthiness become conscious norms of action among all the people.”

The Chinese social credit scheme is a series of databases keeping track of each person to “provide a holistic assessment of an individual or a company’s trustworthiness, based on a numerical score.”

Drew Donnelly, Ph.D., writes about the scoring system and finds “the social credit system has some similarities with the credit ratings provided for individuals and corporations in other countries, but captures information on a wider variety of behaviors.” [Emphasis added]

It’s believed that in addition to a database, the Chinese government would likely use, if it isn’t already, facial recognition technology from the ubiquitous surveillance cameras – an estimated 200-million of them.


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INDUBITABLY. Vaccine passports are white supremacist.

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“This does not require a long explanation, so let’s get straight to the point: poor people are much less likely to be vaccinated than higher-income persons, such as in these states. But racial demographics are not spread evenly across income deciles. . . . Intent has nothing to do with systemic racism. The fact is that, ‘Black and Latino people are far more likely to live in poverty than white people, and despite having died at higher rates throughout the pandemic, they are receiving fewer vaccines than white people.’ That’s the metric that matters.”

Inescapably, a reliance on vaccine passports means that poor and minority people will be disproportionately barred from the places that require them. Indeed, the discrepancy for vaccinations is likely to be much greater than for driver’s licenses.

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