Watch “DR. FAUCI BACKED WUHAN LAB RESEARCH? China studied bat coronavirus, but WHY is the media hiding it?” on YouTube

A new report from Newsweek details exactly what scientists were studying at the infectious disease lab in Wuhan, China when the coronavirus pandemic began. According to Newsweek, the National Institutes of Health gave over 7 million U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund a research initiative — reportedly supported by Dr. Fauci — that not only surveilled bat coronaviruses, but also used “gain of function” research to determine how easily those viruses could attach to human cells as well. But there’s a reason why hundreds of scientists argue AGAINST gain of function research: all it takes is one leak to significantly increase the risk of a human pandemic. So while it becomes abundantly clear the Wuhan lab may be entirely responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic the world currently faces, why does the mainstream media continue to ignore the tough questions of China? Perhaps it all comes down to business, money, and big business profits…

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