“We’ve been mislead” Australian Senator gives a speech to Parliament considering the coverup of vaccine deaths and corruption by TGA and Australian health agencies.

by Burghman199

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts discussed the attempts by Australian health agencies to cover up vaccine deaths and attribute them to any other cause, as well as not keeping up to date on mortality and birth rates. It also discusses how the government simply took the word of pharmaceutical companies that have been fined for making unfounded claims about vax efficiency/fraud. Other things discussed are the reproducive toxicology of the vax and molecular genetic issues in the body with the mRNA tech.

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We know a lot of this already but were called crazy conspiracy theorists. Gross human rights violations were conducted in the response to the pandemic and the greatest mass psychosis event of recent history. There was a coordinated authoritarian effort from the top to quell dissent, consolidate power, and of course make the big bucks.

I’m happy officials around the world are finally speaking something about it, but a lot of people I fear are too far gone as they have been told to dehumanize the unvaccinated at every turn and many especially online have wanted unvaccinated lives destroyed or just dead outright.


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