What is happening is epic, WB, Bidens, Obama, HRC, Ukraine, RU, FISA, U1, Soros…

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by Kek

U1 company busted for smuggling and 8 arrested from HRC money networks. U1 CEO was found guilty the trial ended last year. I was watching daily updates live from the courthouse but TD wast too busy “Muh nothing happens”

This week alone:

  • Chinese Telecommunications Conglomerate Huawei and Subsidiaries Charged in Racketeering Conspiracy and Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets
  • Jussie Smollett indicted with 6 charges for his Hoax of hate crimes.
  • Michael Avenatti found guilty of all charges. (W/ 2 more cases in CA he will die in prison)
  • Justice Department launches legal assault to roll back sanctuary cities
  • AG Barr announced that Giuliani had turned over to them investigative information about Ukraine corruption with former Administration. He set up a new prosecutor TEAM in Pittsburgh (outside of DC) who have been quietly working for months on the Bidens and many other areas in Ukraine (Missing $8Billion in IMF Obama funds)
  • AG Barr sat a new prosecutor TEAM in St Louis (Outside of DC) to go through ALL political cases, Manafort, Flynn, Stone, Wolfe, McCabe, Comey, etc
  • Stone’s trial will be mistrial, and judge and juror will be found guilty fo collusion, disbarred
  • Flynn’s trial will be mistrial, and mueller’s team will be held responsible
  • Manafort will be let out of prison after the Judge will be found colluding with Stone’s case and Forejuror
  • Durham has all the evidence from overseas that Obama team used foreign services to spy on Trump and Americans, then fake the intel into the lower levels of gov passing it to the FBI to start their investigations.
  • Durham and Barr called out Mueller and Brennan DIRECTLY rebuffing them directly in the press that IG does not have the complete picture and they have evidence Brennan hid evidence from FBI to appear RU connections were legitimate.
  • Durham has been investigating the Mueller Team and their communications, which led to all these cases.. They were dirty from the start, and then the Mueller team was dirty colluding to frame all these charges..





Durham will be ready by Summer, then the real war starts..

It is all connected…

Largest donor to the Clinton foundation was UKRAINE, where $8 Billion in IMF funds went missing and $2B of it went into a black hole called PrivatBank owned by Burisma the rest of the money is missing involving the same players…

This all be comes crystal clear when you see Obama Russia in one Timeline and HRC plans after her election:

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Now sit back and learn the truth about Obama Admin crimes in Ukraine timeline:


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