What made the Democrats panic in California? If the fraud were uncovered, it would deliver FIFTY-FIVE Electoral Votes for Trump!

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by A Ghost From Another Time

If Biden had California in the bag, why did they stop counting votes like the other stolen states? Why did the California Dems behave so suspiciously?

Much like the rest of swing states, On the night of Nov 3rd sometime around 10PM to 10:30PM PST, the counting stopped in California. Why?

To steal the election like in the other states being contested right now (AZ, NV, PA, MI, WI, GA etc)

This doesn’t make a lot of sense on the surface. California was in the bag for Biden, right? No hope for Trump in California, right? WRONG!

Trump’s popularity grew ten-fold in California since 2016. Everywhere you went in California you could see it – In and around Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, and everywhere to the north and east in the rural counties up to Oregon and Nevada.

Same in the mid parts of the state (just outside the SF and SJ bay areas) and into the central valley and all the way down to LA. All majorly supporting Trump.

In the LA area (beside the city of LA itself) there was major support all the way up from the Ventura area to Orange county and inland to the San Bernardino area and south from the Moreno Valley down to San Diego and its outlying areas.

You could see how even though there were no official campaign rallies in California, the people still went out on the street with their American flags to support their president. There were spontaneous demonstrations in support of Trump all over the place, from small towns to Sacramento itself in ‘NorCal’ to even parts of LA itself!

When Trump had a fundraiser in Newport Beach, THOUSANDS of people lined the streets to greet him! People of all races, walks of life and backgrounds. Armenians for Trump, Latinos for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Gays for Trump – everyone was there from every segment of the population. There was hardly any counter-demonstration from the Biden side. There were probably more BLM/Antifa present but even they were a mere handful.

There were impromptu Trump street rallies in and around Sacramento as well that dwarfed the opposing Biden supporters by at least 5 or 6 times. In one mid-size town in the area, there were only 8 or 10 Biden/leftist protesters – while across the street there were anywhere from 75 to at times over 200 Trump supporters. I have heard the same about numerous locations in California, a pretty consistent pattern. Biden had no organic support, no excitement – nothing approaching Trump (and this is in California!)

Now here we get into some of the strange stuff – in 2016, (with nowhere near as much support as he had this time) Trump officially got roughly 4.8 million votes to Clinton’s roughly 7 million. A deficit of just about 2.2 million votes. Keep a couple of things in mind. Although Hillary was unlikable and not the best candidate, she did have huge name-recognition, was a practiced and polished politician – so she did have some things going for her that made her a tougher opponent than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And of course, Hillary achieved this with the usual manipulations and dishonesty that has made California into a one-party state for about 30 years now.

As unlikable as Hillary was, Kamala is even less likable – basically nobody believes Kamala to be genuine, not even the Dem voting block (She got 0.5 or something at or below 1 percent in the democrat primaries and dropped out of the race!).

You’ve already heard all about Biden so no need to go over that stale bread stick of a candidate. Needless to say, his ‘support’ in California was basically non-existent. No rallies, no gatherings, no grass-roots, no excitement – Nothing! His core supporters were the people who were always gonna vote democrat anyways no matter who is on the ballot. Anyone who voted for him basically either was the usual Dem sheep voter or someone voting against Trump out of hatred (and not out of any love for Joe Biden).

So on the night of the election, somewhere around 10 or 10:30 California stopped counting with 64 percent of the votes in.

Here is where it gets interesting. There were 3 big buckets of ballots:

1. Mail-in ballots (the millions of ballots that went out to every registered voter’s address, whether they asked for them or not – whether they were alive or dead, whether they lived there or not!)
2. Early voting – Ballots cast at voting centers before November 3rd.
3. Election day votes (in-person voting; the ballots cast on the day-of the election at an actual polling place).

Here’s how it breaks down. The mail-in ballots were overwhelmingly in favor of Joe Biden. It’s hard to say how those numbers break down. An educated guess would be at least 6-to-1 or even as high as 8-to-1 or even closer to 10-to-1.

Why? The people who voted for Biden are all believers – they believe everything they hear on CNN, they believe COVID is going to kill them, they believe the mask is going to save them, they believe Trump is evil, that the children are being tortured in the cages at the border, that Trump supporters are complicit and therefore insane and not human etc. Basically, the kool-aid drinkers. This comprises the majority of the Biden voters. These people are the ones who wear masks when driving alone in their cars, when riding a bike along a trail, rowing a boat in the middle of a lake or when standing at the top of a mountain they hiked. These are the people whose eyes bulge out in a panic when they are walking down the grocery store aisle and there is less than 6 feet width in the aisle as an oncoming shopper walks towards them – they immediately and exaggeratedly move aside, hugging the shelves, cowering behind their shopping cart. Some of these people actually never leave their houses and instead order everything to be delivered to them. Some will tell you they have only left their house 3 or 4 times since the ‘pandemic’ started (when there was no choice but to go to a store or a service they needed). That is how scared these sheep-like voters are. So, the point is – these people majorly voted by mail-in ballot.

The early voting is more of a mixed bag and is hard to judge how this bucket of ballots went for either candidate. The early voting might have been the preferred way for people who distrusted the whole system in general, regardless of whether they were for Trump or Biden. It also was likely the preferred method for people who actually have to get up early in the morning and work a full-shift that would have made it difficult to track down what polling place to go to and then potentially stand in a line to vote. If these suppositions are correct, it suggests that this bucket of votes would have been more evenly split (or at least, not as uneven as the early mail-in voting was) but it is hard to say.

The election-day, in-person ballots – here is where it gets to the heart of the matter. Donald J Trump won these by a L-A-N-D-S-L-I-D-E. A massive TSUNAMI, TIDAL WAVE, EARTHQUAKE, HURRICANE ALL ROLLED INTO ONE! A LANDSLIDE caused by all of those descriptive words! Why was this?

Well, its pretty straight-forward. Trump voters absolutely do not trust the system, much less the one in California. They have seen the lies from day-one. They do not trust mail-in voting. They do not trust electronic voting. They don’t even trust in-person voting with paper ballots – but they know that it’s the safest bet for their vote to actually count. And the least likely to ‘get lost’ or ‘invalidated’.

Who were Trump’s voters in California and why were there so many more this time than in 2016? Beside his core, loyal-following who always liked him from the start, there were many more types of Trump supporters. There were many people who simply got tired of the bullshit lockdowns and restrictions and wanted to cast a middle finger ballot to Gavin Newsom and the rest of the democrat establishment in California. They didn’t necessarily like Trump or maybe had never even followed politics before – maybe they hate him too, but they probably hated the idiot democrat management of the state. Not just over COVID but also over the enabling of the drug-addicted and mentally-ill homelessness disaster that has spread all around the state in almost every city. The high cost of living due to higher taxes on everything from gas to groceries to permits and licenses – the list is endless.

Other segments include many democrats – they just don’t agree that America sucks and that America was never great and that it should be done away with and remade into the Bernie Sanders/AOC vision of socialist utopia. The riots and looting and disorder sent these people running from the democratic party. Many of these people realized they are on their own, regardless of politics. The democrats at every level of government simply failed – and these people got scared and went out to buy a gun or at least tried to.

Another element that boosted Trump was the latino community. Many of them simply saw that Trump was not the devil the media made him out to be at the outset. They saw the strong economy and opportunities – they saw results with Trump. These people do not hate America and aren’t even really that political – they work hard and want to keep what is theirs, not have it taxed away or shut down. They don’t want socialism. Some of them are actually conservatives even if they aren’t politically active.

Anyways, the vast-majority all of these types of Trump voters all had one thing in common – they all voted on election-day, in person at a polling place! Some brought in their mail-in ballot and dropped it off if there was a line and did not have to wait.

So, what happened on election night? Bucket one, the mail-in voting brought a huge lead for Biden, as expected. This bucket was counted first.

The second bucket, the early voting was counted. This one was very likely less skewed for either candidate and much more of a mixed-bag.

Then, the third bucket – the election-day/in-person votes were counted.

By about 8PM when the polls closed, it was clear that the rate of Trump votes from the third bucket was growing alarmingly fast and was on track to get dangerously close to Biden. The metrics they looked at did not look good. So, it seems like they phoned in their unexpected situation to the party and they quickly went into action along the same lines as the other stolen states. They pulled the plug on counting the third bucket votes. At about 10 or 10:30PM PST, with 63-64 percent of the vote, they had Joe Biden at about 7.5 million votes and Trump at around 4.4 million votes. There was still about 36 percent of the vote outstanding. That 36 percent was a MASSIVE amount of votes for Donald Trump. And just like that, they pulled the plug, did not count them – they called in their democrat party heavy artillery (HAMMER and SCORECARD). The media promptly called California for Joe, giving him a decisive 55 Electoral Vote buffer. And the beauty of it was that nobody, not even Trump supporters would ever even think California was gonna be close!

Where do we stand now? Six days after the election, on 11/9/2020 – California is reporting 90% of the vote in with nearly 10 MILLION votes for Joe Biden and barely 5 Million for Trump!

(How long did it take California to count votes in 2016? Did it take six days? Did they stop suspiciously in coordination with the other contested states like they did this time? What made them panic?)

This is with Trump having 10 times the support now in California than he did 4 years ago! It is absolutely laughable.

What a miracle it would be if the fraud in California were uncovered! It would give our President FIFTY-FIVE Electoral votes, BURYING Joe Biden and securing the presidency!

This is exclusive, you will not find it anywhere else. I am unable to say who it is from.


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