When In Doubt, Dumb Down The System! Faced with Soaring Ds and Fs, Schools Switching To ‘Equitable Grading’.

With the advent of the Internet and the subsequent explosion of information, AI and robotics have been utilized and are targeted to take more routine jobs from humans moving forward.

Instead of demanding students in our public education systems to work harder, getting prepared to be employable for evolving and new technologically based jobs, the social justice warriors are demanding huge public sector unions require their teachers to start grading subjectively, dumbing down the system.

In August 2020, L.A. Unified School District directed its middle- and high-school teachers to change the way they had evaluated students since the start of their careers.

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In response to the tidal wave of failing grades in those first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the teachers were told to base their final marks on how much students had learned by the end of the term — the quality of work, not quantity.



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