When the Rule of Law goes AWOL, freedom goes to jail

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by John Ward

The Colston Four

There is, on the one hand, the rise and rise of mob justice, trial by media smear, and Court verdict courtesy of brainless chattering-class “logic”; and on the other, those arguing that important cultural corner-stones are being demolished. The latter tend to be more independent, tolerant and unwilling to be in step-lock. It’s a good way to be in normal times. But the game to preserve liberty is in Extra Time, and we’re losing.

The four folks pictured pictured above have signalled virtue through crass ideology…without giving any thought to the obvious consequences if (God help us) they should be victorious in their bids to variously demonise minorities, stuff ballot boxes, act unconstitutionally when in power or sabotage the due process of the Rule of Law.

Their Empress Queen is Hillary Clinton, a person so suffused with narcissistic rectitude that she simply cannot help herself when opportunism is available as the route to goal. This enables her to ask, “why can’t we just take Assange out with a drone or something?” or – in relation to the Benghazi incident when she was caught in a cover-up, “What the fuck difference does it make anyway?”

Her “means to a Holy end” approach leaves Berthold Brecht behind, breathless in her wake, as she gaily romps about supporting Antifa, practising idolatry about all things Fauci and trotting out spurious rationales for the pathetic failure of the US Judiciary to give due and proper attention to mountains of evidence about election rigging during the 2020 Presidential contest.

The argument that, if you need to use unethical means to achieve your ends, the ends aren’t worth achieving, goes back so far in political time it’s a cliché. But being a cliché doesn’t make something wrong….merely “so accepted as to not need repeating”. This turns it into a strength for the Great Resetters, because they will laugh at “clichéd” objections to their behaviour by saying, “Oh for heaven’s sake, that goes without saying”. Everyone from Biden via Macron to BoJo puts themselves into a victim position – “your liberties are tying my hands” – and gains even more applause among the Smuggies by being seen to be tough when necessary: “freedom is all very well, but…..”

We must butt out the but.

By far the most important element in the maintenance of level playing-field liberty is the Rule of Law. In the UK, Tony Blair was terrifyingly blasé about that idea, and carries more guilt than most for his brazen willingness to pervert justice (Saudi bribes), court pernicious support (Murdoch’s Newscorp), lie to Parliament (Iraq War) and then – once out of power – find new sources of it to promote in the form of the UK’s pc wag-tail dog of a Supreme Court, attempts to overthrow the Brexit vote, and arguing strongly for the alienation of those opposing mRNA messenger jabs.

My son-in-law’s father was the senior clerk in Blair’s chambers. In Court one day, so appalling was the future Prime Minister’s behaviour in undermining his own client by sucking up to a bombastic judge, the clerk told Blair to sit down, asked for a recess, and then fired the young solicitor off the case. How I envy him his place in the footnotes of history.

Read the book Climate of Corruption by Michelle Malkin, and you will be overwhelmed once faced with the concrete evidence of what a two-faced, empty suit the ‘Yes we can’ Obama guy was while in power…how he befriended the Silicon Valley Nazis, completely sold out on financial transparency, slammed Trump for a Mexican Wall that Barack the Uncle Tom Black had already sealed himself in secret, and connived in the illegal dispatch of Osama Bin Laden. The last of those brings us back to Killary Klingon and her love of drone operations in the sovereign space of other people’s countries.

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It’s all rather too “Round up the usual suspects” à la Casablanca.

Two events over the last fifteen months have demonstrated just how easy it is to produce a Show Trial – on either side of the Pond – that looks to all the Wishful Unthinking Tendency (WUTs) like an act of State heroism.

The first and most publicised was the trial of US cop Derek Chauvin for his “murderous” apprehension of black man George Floyd (an habitual petty criminal later sanctified by the New York Times). Chauvin’s employers hung him out to dry by insisting that the knee-on-neck technique used by the cop was “abnormal behaviour given the circumstances”. Set alongside this was Floyd yelling “I can’t breathe!” which – given the amount of illegal substances in his body – was hardly surprising – for which there still exists a veritable tower of post mortem evidence to show that Floyd might well have died anyway (given his existing pathogens) regardless of the style of arrest.

When the trial got to the stage of final arguments and retirement of the Jury, the Court found itself surrounded by an injustice-fixated mob, and a media atmosphere screaming for a Dreyfus style accusation against the police. To top it all off nicely, President Biden blithely hoped that the jury would “do its duty” in pursuance of “Justice”.

So, no pressure then. The jury found Chauvin guilty. He is now serving a 22-year sentence for doing nothing beyond standard arrest procedure against a subject with known violent tendencies.

There is no way that “justice” was served in this case. This was trial by the fashionable bourgeois pc agenda pour encourager les autres.

Talking of which, the second case – of a lower order, but still stinking as high as a month-old pheasant corpse – is that of the four UK Statue activist topplers.

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Four activists accused of criminal damage over the toppling of the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol were last week found not guilty. The so-called “Colston Four”, were acquitted by a jury majority verdict at Bristol Crown Court, after pleading not guilty to criminal damage.

Under the definition of “criminal damage” they were bang-to-rights guilty as charged. But on the basis of a defence that impressed the judge no end, he decided to direct the jury that it was open to them to acquit if they thought that Colston’s statue was so indecent or abusive that Bristol City Council’s leaving it in place was itself a crime. Thus – in order to prevent that crime – it was reasonable to topple him.

Can somebody please explain to me why – in a country globally recognised as the first to criminalise slave trading – an existing statue going back 250 years could ever represent indecent abuse to a population, 99% of whom have not the foggiest blithering idea who on Earth Edward Colston was?

So who was Mr Colston? Well, Colston supported and endowed schools, houses for the poor, almshouses, hospitals and Anglican churches in Bristol, London and elsewhere. He took part in a slave trade, the provision of whose unfortunates lay entirely in the hands of black suppliers. Colston’s lifespan was 2 November 1636 until 11 October 1721…in short, over 300 years ago. To condemn the attitudes of 1721 from the less than lofty heights of 2021 is (it could be argued) an act of criminal ignorance in its own right.

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Once again, the institution of a genuine Rule of Law in this case was sacrificed on the altar of what one day might well be seen as a passing fashion for poorly designed concepts of “equality”….the same questionable ideas, for example, that cause narrow-minded liberals to call for affirmative action – a proposal that emanates from patronising bourgeois bohemians….those lovely people who elected Emmanuel Macron.

The Unelected State (in the form of the CIA, MI6, NATO et al and central banking worldwide) has given self-styled “liberal” totalitarians the perfect steamroller with which to forbid free, open-minded discussion of how to tackle an overblown virus, rationalise the use of dangerously ill-defined “vaccines”, and legalise dictatorship.

To dismiss those High Priests as “figments of the conspiracy theory paranoia” is risible: only two defining interest groups on Planet Earth have the money, power, skills and motives required to organise a global goose-step such as we have seen. For the two of them have one massive desire in common: to disguise their lack of relevance to the healthy development of Homo sapiens’ on this our only planet.

To be clear: we do not need intra-trading bankers in order to sell our wares; and we do not need Secret Police to protect us against bogeymen they have themselves created. Nor do we need politicians who tax us so they can continue to act as their bumboys rather than our protectors.

In recent years, we in the laughably designated First World have continued to call those in power The Government. In reality, however, we are not citizens using voting power to elect those answerable to us: 7/8ths of us suffer from a case of mistaken identity….we do not grasp the huge difference between an Elected Government, and an Unaccountable State.

Our enemy going forward is that State answerable to nobody. But we mustn’t see their gofers as not worthy of our attention. If one by one the gofers fall, their string-pullers will become nervous. Perhaps they will retreat….and make mistakes. That in turn can create media deserters.

This game is a long way from over. The missing element from our side is a belief that they can be defeated. If we lose that belief, we lose everything.

This is the official logo that groups us together:

The last ‘Group’ I tried to form – Under Fire – rose without trace thanks to apathy. The logo above was run off by a guy in South Africa without even being asked. A proactive desire to frame tactics and attack any and all compliance with the banker>secret policeman>media whore alliance has to be the next step. If it isn’t taken, then we’ll be taken for an even longer ride.

I tend to agree with those who say that targeting the lower pay grades among politicians, health bureaucrats and Pharma opportunists won’t be enough on its own. But it’s a start….and enough Binghams, Hancocks, Faucis and Macrons suffocating under a shitshower is bound to make the prime movers edgy, and prone to making mistakes.

At the moment, they are taking for granted that the only thing they have to worry about is demos, petitions, death rates and dodgy statistics. They’re not frightened (or even inconvenienced) by any of that. For twelve years now – in a catalogue of despicable toadying by our political and State senior bods – I have warned nurses, Waspis, Brexiteers and jab evaders that the only thing the gargoyles retreat from is organised opposition with menace. In the end, all those causes will be lost to those who lost their souls long ago unless they start to feel at best uncomfortable…..and preferably, frightened.

This does not require illegality. Just determination.


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