Where is this Country Going? Is Civil War Inevitable? Is this the New Normal?

by Robert Carbery
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The events in Charlottesville and the media-hyped aftermath of it are being used to destroy the Trump presidency. All mainstream media guns are being pointed at the president in an effort to paint him and his followers as racists and bigots, thereby proving their point that this man is not suited for the office of the presidency.
Give me a break.
Propaganda news like NBC and NPR have no interest in reporting the facts about Charlottesville. They have chosen their distorted narrative and are sticking to it. Interviews of politicians on both sides of the aisle but mostly on the left are being used to produce their concocted result that this was all Trump’s fault somehow.
So the story goes… It was Trump’s fault for stirring up this racist crowd during the campaign last year. His tagline to “Make America Great Again” and put “America First” empowered these individuals to come out of the woodwork and impose their bigotry on the world. However, this is not the case.
Putting America first means we are putting the interests of the American people before those of other nations. Mainstream media conflates this to mean we are only putting white Americans first. This is also false. Trump works for all Americans and he stirs up so much hatred because he is so effective. The left does not know what to do other than to demonize him and muddy his message. Which is why he goes around them and uses Twitter so much.
Paul Craig Roberts further clarifies the president’s message, “For example, how does the Bush/Cheney/Obama/neoconservative assertion that Americans are the ‘exceptional people’ whose country is the ‘indispensable country’ differ from Trump’s proclamation of ‘America first’?” It really does not. Both emphasize America’s greatness and point to elevating our country over others.
Is a political civil war imminent? Or are we already in the midst of it? As the progressive left continue to shove their white guilt propaganda down our throats and the mainstream media continue to parrot this divisive rhetoric, America is being divided into our respective politics as too many of us emphasize our identities. Long lost is the feeling that we are all united together in this great experiment called America.
Pat Buchanan asks the question what happens when we attempt to remove history and what do we become if we do that?
Many towns in the South have statues of Confederate soldiers looking toward the former Confederacy. Should we take them all down? The cry for taking down these statues and even monuments of our founding fathers are in danger of removal because they had slaves. Where does this stop? Five of the first seven presidents were slaveholders.
We can no longer commemorate our explosive and important history if people are offended by what certain folks did in the past. Things were quite different back then. And although the South was one of the last holdouts of slavery in the world, it was still not out of bounds during those days to profit off the backs of slaves. We must remember our history and improve ourselves in the future.
Today’s America treats everyone equally and the redistribution of wealth is the main tool in accomplishing this. Our culture is cracking today and becoming more tribal. Government solutions are championed far too often over free market alternatives. Homelessness is exploding. And we are separating ourselves into where we live based on a locale’s, which is no way to prosper as a nation.
We must learn to live with each other no matter our differences. There is nothing to gain from this rampant political violence that is now at a boiling point. Let people speak. Debate open and freely. Don’t bash people over the head unless you’re defending yourself. Disagree with their ideas, not their personality. We don’t have to all get along. We don’t have to destroy all memories of the past. We have to simply stop attacking each other.
This is the only way forward.
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12 thoughts on “Where is this Country Going? Is Civil War Inevitable? Is this the New Normal?

  1. This is out and out WAR started by the Communist Democrats. It has nothing to do with race. It is all about destroying America. Soros has vowed to destroy America and so far he’s getting his jollies off with all these false flag Hollywood Productions produced by Hill’s Hollywood producer buddies. Look no further than your local Democommie politicians and vote them OUT in the next election. The snowflakes are being effectively brainwashed by the Communist colleges on the West Coast…..

  2. Truth. History. Tolerance. History shows that empires are built with slaves. Christopher Columbus probably owned more slaves than any person ever yet he has his own day replete with gigantic parades. Currently there are more slaves in todays world than there ever was during the confederacy. Go ahead topple the statues. Why not topple all the military statues because most of them are of white people or celebrating America enslaving other countries. Go ahead everyone be gay and have your children be gay, smoke your legal marijuana and march in whatever free speech bullshit you want to rant about. In the meantime the American military is the biggest, meanest, cruelest bully on the planet. What a bunch of left/right leaning hypocrites. I am reminded of the antique movie ‘Intolerance’ created by the father of the language of film DW Griffith. He is notable for another film ‘Birth of a Nation’. As a victim of reverse discrimination I could care less about todays liberal agenda.

  3. Your “civil” war had nothing to do with slavery, your education system at an all time low across the world, you are ALL dumbasses.

    • Well I had a great/great grandfather who small boy was a drummer in front lines … he said it was about the south and slavery…”he was there “… that what he said …

  4. My comments to an article on the subject in RT:
    “However, legitimizing the destructive means employed against Trump maybe the real lasting damage.”
    Yes, that sums up the truly important thing going on here.
    And Trump has completely failed.
    A remarkable example of cowardice.
    But still I think the techniques of his opponents are dangerous and unacceptable.
    It only shows what utter poison Hillary and her higher-up supporters are.
    America is in political chaos.

    • The 1860 census showed 452,000 slaves owned in the Union states.
      It was never about slavery or the blacks. Like today, one cannot say “let us go and kill a million Arabs to steal their oil.” You have to have some silly excuse. “They have weapons of mass destruction!”, “We are bringing them Freedom”
      So then, the Union could not say “We are going to kill the southerners because they won’t pay us taxes” there had to be a Casus Belli which would not turn stomachs.
      Claim the moral high ground, and the deeds don’t count. “They are all Racist, misogynist Nazis” sounds about right.

  5. Americans vs Trump and his supporters.. wouldn’t that be more of a revolution against government, than a civil war? Most Americans are united against fascism.

    • Not 1 in a 100 Americans could define Fascism.
      We won’t allow intolerance.
      Segregate Racists.
      Stamp out violence.
      Most Americans ARE fascists. (On both sides of the divide.)
      The three principles of a fascist philosophy.
      1.”Everything in the state”. The Government is supreme and the country is all-encompassing, and all within it must conform to the ruling body.
      2.”Nothing outside the state”. The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human submit to the government.
      3.”Nothing against the state”. Any type of questioning the government is not to be tolerated. If you do not see things our way, you are wrong. If you do not agree with the government, you cannot be allowed to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens.

  6. This will be no “war” … more like a massacre …why … well you just can win with people..who can not fight … that require safe spaces and teddy bears … when they face real men of valor they will simply capitulate … “they might have a few mecrs …but well take care toot sweet …beat to stand down now before you fools lose everything including your lives.

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