Winter COVID Predictions

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by Chris Black

– “COVID” cases and deaths (see: flu-like virus cases and deaths) will spike, as they do every winter.

– Countries will produce propaganda complaining that hospitals are overloaded, as they do every winter.

– The “unvaccinated” will be blamed for the spike in “COVID” cases/deaths.

– The “double vaccinated” will also be blamed.

– Globalists will claim that their “vaccines” protect against COVID for a limited time only.

– Globalists will demand that everyone gets a “booster vaccine” to save the world during winter. Expect lots of amateurish guilt / trauma propaganda.

– Pressure to join “digital identity” system will increase (“We have to keep track of your vaccine status to make sure you’ve been boostered! It’s for your health!”)

Maybe globalists won’t let the mask slip and admit that they plan to keep injecting everyone with DNA-mangling chemicals until the entire population dies of cardiac arrest, but I’m 99% sure this is how things will play out this winter in most Western countries.

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