Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Allegheny Counties will go red: Benford’s law proves unilateral fraud beyond a reasonable doubt

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by mjwfour

The key takeaway from the graphic is that only Biden’s votes violate Benford’s law, as Trump’s votes follow Benford’s law to a tee. Benford’s law will be used to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was voter fraud in certain areas (Milwaukee, Detriot, Philadelphia, and Allegheny). Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will be red and Trump will get the corresponding 46 electoral votes.



you can also do use the archive links: web.archive.org/web/*/https://county.milwaukee.gov/EN/County-Clerk/Off-Nav/Election-Results/Election-Results-Fall-2020

feel free to do your own chi2/nullhypothesis/pvalue tests…


Not just benfords law- Turnout was way too high, and




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