Wisconsin Supreme Court has ordered the Governor to respond to Trump lawsuit claiming abuse of absentee voting and illegal activity that affected roughly 220,000 ballots

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Image…filed this morning.

Wisconsin has a MUCH stricter set of rules when it comes to recounts. When they do a recount, they don’t just count the fraudulent ballots over again (like Georgia, etc).

When WI recounts, they pretty much do a full audit.

Remember when there was a frantic last minute attempt to change the recount rules in Wisconsin about a week or so ago, but it was unsuccessful?

That’s because they were trying to change the rules to prevent the FULL audit (they failed).

As a result, the team doing the audit has identified over 200,000 ballots that may be discarded.

There are a lot of folks who are saying WI will be the first to switch to Trump, and that it will initiate a Domino Effect for multiple other states.

Stay tuned.



h/t axolotl_peyotl


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