Young teacher on life support from getting the flu? Dr. Suzanne Humphries explains on her Facebook…that teacher was already vaccinated.

“If you think that part of insanity involves doing the same thing over and over in the face of failure, then you have to wonder why nobody in CDC seems willing to front up to the fact that a teacher, vaccinated against the flu in October, caught two of the strains of the flu covered in the vaccine, and is now on life support, and prospects look grim for months– and that what follows has to be insanity.
And all Schuchat, (who lied point blank to the public about measles in 2015) does is spread more alarm to prevent there being any vaccines left on the shelves at the end of “flu season”. The solution to the worsening of a situation caused by the vaccines, is— more vaccines to more people.
She and her “colleagues” are clearly hoping that people don’t realize the blindingly obvious—which is that the vaccine’s is fatally flawed because it programs the body the wrong way, resulting in increased illness in recipients, who then spread more virus over a longer time. Bangs head against wall because I’ve said it with PubMed ID numbers from peer reviewed medical literature until I am blue in the face. Does Schuchat even notice or even care about the fact, that the more people take up this vaccine, the worse the situation gets? Has she read any of the medical articles we have? If she has, then we must doubt her and her “colleagues'” integrity, which I do.”
Also funny considering it is publicly acknowledged that this years shot targeted the wrong strain…
And the thing is, it’s not just a matter of it being the wrong strain. The flu shot literally programs your immune system wrong and makes you more susceptible. THAT’S what people don’t understand.
h/t orangearbuds