“Your rights don’t include the right to endanger others” – Serious request to those who genuinely think this way about the unvaccinated

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by 2woke4u

Okay let’s say that hypothetically I disagree with being legally labeled a specially dangerous health risk to others when that hasn’t been proven. This legal status may place new radical and unprecedented limits on my rights and freedoms, this has been proven unequivocally. What has also been proven is that newer variants can evade these mRNA shots without detection because the person won’t be as likely to get sick/show symptoms. But if an unjabbed person gets a COVID-19 infection, they will be more likely to show symptoms/get sick and they will stay home as usual when people get sick. The jabbed person won’t notice they’re infected with the new variant or contagious with it and continue interacting with many more people in comparison. Wouldn’t that be dangerous and threatening others also?

My next question is, would you blame the emergence of an anti-biotic resistant bacterial variant on people who never took any anti-biotics? If not, why do use the same logic with vaccine resistant viruses? If yes, please explain how and why.

Isn’t it up to those in favour to provide a scientific case to justify those important assumptions when disputed? Then where is that case? Where can I read or listen to it or watch it?

Please help me try to understand the scientific case for unvaccinated individuals unequivocally posing a net increased level of danger to others. My mind is always open to other points of view I may not have considered. I could have very well missed some irrefutable proof in my research, if this is the case please correct me.

Please also remember We used to be fellow citizens a few short months ago who mostly still believed that reason should prevail in the end and still mostly enjoyed the resulting peace between our neighbors who we may have disagreed with fundamentally. We can’t afford to let a virus scare us into changing that. Too much emotion has been added to the issue when it’s our reasoning skills we need to understand and solve it. Good faith discussions that are safe to engage in and open to all reasonable viewpoints between each side is needed to build peace, not toxic anger or hate. We don’t make the world better that way. Peace will always be the most valuable human resource and it’s far too important to destroy. Do you agree with this?

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