Hmm. 2018 Not Off To A Good Start – Fed Hiking Rates, Administration Engaging In A Trade War. Consumers Overly Indebted With Stagnant Wages. What Could Go Wrong?

hmm. 2018 not off to a good start… — Eric Pomboy (@epomboy) April 5, 2018 World stock markets on BRINK: ‘Epic’ bubble about to BURST, experts warn WORLD stock markets could plummet this year because valuations are likely to … Read more

Trump Administration Blocks Biggest Tech Merger In History; Says “Necessary To Protect National Security”

by Dylan Scott, NEE Trump Administration Preemptively Blocks $177 Billion Qualcomm-Broadcom Deal The Trump administration has blocked the biggest tech deal in history earlier this week. The proposed deal would see Broadcom acquiring Qualcomm for a whopping $117 billion. In the unprecedented move … Read more

Fifty Former Failed Obama Administration Foreign Policy “Experts” Form Think-Tank To Unite Against President Trump…

by sundance This is just too rich. Seriously. From the insufferable Iran deal… to the appeasement “Russian Reset”… to the Libya fiasco… to the rise of ISIS… to installing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt… to the explosion of terrorism in Yemen… … Read more

Federal judge in Maryland rules Trump had the right to end DACA in win for administration

Semi good news… BTW, Judge is a Bush appointee… A federal judge in Maryland has sided with the Trump administration over a lawsuit challenging the Justice Department’s ability to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. While a … Read more

20 states sue Trump administration to end Obamacare, after the individual mandate repealed in tax bill.

Twenty states are suing the Trump administration over the individual mandate in Obamacare that obligates people have health insurance or pay a fine, seeking an end to the entire law. In the lawsuit filed Monday, states said Congress’s decision to repeal the … Read more

Noam Chomsky on the consequences of liberal disillusionment with the Obama administration and a deliberately uninformed American populace.

According to Chomsky, the financial institutions, who have enormous power in the country (Thanks to Reagan and Clinton), preferred Obama so they poured money into the Obama campaign, and that’s the core of the campaign, and of course, it helped … Read more

Trump administration proposes amazing solution for food stamp recipients: American-grown “Harvest Box” food deliveries to our poorest families

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) The Trump administration is truly reforming America one program at a time with innovative, “genius” ideas that benefit everyone. Trump’s latest innovation? The USDA “Harvest Box” idea. Here’s how it works: Under the “Harvest Box” … Read more

TRUMP INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN: TRUMP ADMINISTRATION CONSIDERING NATIONWIDE GOVERNMENT 5G NETWORK. IT IS IN THE WORKS already weather it is a government installation or privatized it doesn’t matter. As it stands now the 5G is going to be expedited regardless of Trump.I really don’t know how we can stop it, … Read more