IWB is an independent media to provide alternative views on politics, current events, economy, investing and world news.

As an independent media site, we are targeted by MSM and Social Media for failure.  If it were not for Social Media’s suppression of our site, IWB would be much larger than it is now.

We are likely to need factcheckers in the future, as many satire sites or people try to discredit us by flooding our inbox with disinformation. We have received fake news/satires from time to time; fortunately, we did discover most of them and make corrections/retractions with help from the readers and contributors. Please give us a heads up if you spot a post with false information on it. Thank you for always speaking up and warning us; please continue to do so for our existence depends upon it. It is not just MSM, but both parties lie, so we have to stay informed for our readers.

IWB has strived to financially provide our readers with some of the most respected writers we could find.

We, also, want to thank all our contributors – not to leave anyone out.  We want all of you to be proud to submit your articles to IWB.

We strive to provide you with political articles and controversial topics, which lead to interesting discussions on Disqus.  We are proud to say we have quite an informed group on IWB, and that is exciting to say the least.

Disqus does remove certain comments from time to time, but we do not censor them for long term readers or donors. We are open to grant them a whitelist privilege to prevent this by the Disqus system.