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Greetings IWB Family!

We hope this update finds you well and happy; although, we are experiencing the pains of transformation on all levels of our existence.  There is no doubt we are moving through one of the most, if not the most, challenging times in history.

IWB has a new slogan, and we hope you like it – ‘We don’t want to just stay afloat, we want to fly.’

As a people we must look up – not down.  Unfortunately we are in such chaotic times, we find ourselves looking down much of the time.  Of course, IWB seeks to bring you the news which keeps you aware, and not in a false comfort zone of silence.  We cannot afford to pacify ourselves and fall asleep at the wheel of our success.

We have a goal here at IWB and perhaps it is a lofty one; nevertheless, it is our expectation for the future.  We feel we must move ahead – front and center – to parallel the Mainstream Media. We simply cannot see any other way to be counted in the online news reporting of the future.

We have witnessed Alternative News sites like ‘Zerohedge’ and ‘Breitbart’ do it, and if we do not follow their example, we will not survive.

As an Alternative News site, we are targeted by MSM and Social Media for failure.  If it were not for Social Media’s suppression of our site, IWB would be much larger than it is now.

Alternative Media sites are being drained financially, and IWB could fail if advertisers start to drop out. We had one drop out, due to our political content in April.  It was a surprise, as it was the first ever incident since the site was founded. This is why we are moving toward self-fund ASAP, despite the fact we have some solid advertising base for now.

We are likely to need factcheckers in the future, as many satire sites or people try to discredit us by flooding our inbox with disinformation. We have received fake news/satires from time to time; fortunately, we did discover most of them and make corrections/retractions with help from the readers and contributors.  Thank you for always speaking up and warning us; please continue to do so for our existence depends upon it. It is not just MSM, but both parties lie, so we have to stay informed for our readers.

We are Conservative, because its makes more sense for the Country at this time. You may hear a few independent voices from time to time, as IWB is not the voice of one person, we are the voice of the people. Many posts are contributed by the loyal readers of IWB, and we want to thank you for that.

Although we do have submissions from our IWB family, we do need some informal writings to stand out from the community to attract more attention.

Another presidential election is on the horizon, and we want to be well prepared for this important event.  Therefore, we need more talented writers; if you are one, please apply for the position.

IWB has strived to financially provide our readers with some of the most respected writers we could find.  We have Chris, Daniel, and Bob; it goes without saying, we are proud to offer their articles on the site.

We have Ruby, who offers her own unique views of many controversial topics of the day.  There is never a dull moment on IWB! We want to keep it that way, but not only that, we have plans to hire even more writers.

We, also, want to thank all our contributors – not to leave anyone out.  We want all of you to be proud to submit your articles to IWB.

We strive to provide you with political articles and controversial topics, which lead to interesting discussions on Disqus.  We are proud to say we have quite an informed group on IWB, and that is exciting to say the least.

Disqus does remove certain comments from time to time, but we do not censor them for long term readers or donors. We are open to grant them a whitelist privilege to prevent this by the Disqus system.

We plan to launch a morning newsletter as soon as next quarter for our subscribers. We are currently running a newsletter on the evening only.  Again, we have to stress, please subscribe.

If you value the information and social interaction this website provides to you please consider donating!

We have a vision of gathering a team of ten writers to rival MSM. We don’t want to just stay afloat, we want to fly.

In terms of traffic, there are very few Alternative Media sites that can rival IWB, and this is a good sign of growth; however, we need your help and vote of confidence in donations.  We know this is not easy, but if you value IWB, hopefully you will want to assist in its survival. If you can, you will not regret it.

Your donations will go directly into hiring new writers.  We will update you with a post everytime we received enough fund to hire a new writers.

Normal daily operation is supported by ad revenue, so please disable the ad blocker on the site to ensure the revenue for IWB.  We appreciate it.

For every 1.5k we can hire a new part-time writer for each quarter, who will contribute 1 post daily.

Any excessive donation will go into site infrastructure.  There is much work and upkeep with IWB, and we will use each penny wisely.

We are very serious about building our subscription list as a way to keep everyone connected. We have 4k+ subscribers so far.  The fact is if everyone donated 1 dollar or more, we can easily hire four new writers. Unfortunately not everyone will or can donate, so if you can, please donate as much as you can.

Again, we request that you tell us what you would do to improve IWB?  Each and every one of you are a microcosm in the macrocosm of this creation.  We are all connected, and we want to maintain that connection now and in the future.

Thanks to all our loyal IWB family of readers and discussion partners – you make us who we are.

Donate Today, Monthly, if You Can.