Banking executive Colonel L. Fletcher talks about the rockefeller conspiracy, inorganic oil, and the lie of peak oil.

really interesting guy . Guy Rubbed shoulders with the richest liars in the world might as well listen to him. Published on Aug 6, 2012 Colonel L. Fletcher Proudly spills the beans about how oil was deliberately, incorrectly classified as a … Read more

George Soros talks about the need to crash the dollar for the sake of one world currency. how is this related to the banking crisis and cryptocurrencies?

Well, considering all the negative effects the banking crisis will have on a lot of countries and people not being sure about the future of cryptos, I thought about sharing this interview of George Soros where he talks about a … Read more

It's Starting To Happen… Cracks Are Showing In China's Shadow Banking Industry, Hot Housing Market Begins To Cool, Media Told Not To Mention The Debt

Cracks Are Showing in China’s Shadow Banking Industry Recent payment delays shake confidence of Chinese depositors Refinancing of maturing products hurt by slump in issuance     Strains are spreading in China’s $15 trillion shadow banking industry as investors pull back from … Read more

UK Is 'Flirting With Recession', Growth In China's Shadow Banking Is Slowing, Seasonal Weakness In The Russell 2000 Index Begins

The Dangerous Season Begins Now Russell 2000: 30-Year Seasonal Pattern Russell 2000 The Russell 2000 enters a period of seasonal weakness in mid July. Source: Seasonax As you can see, the Russell 2000 does indeed typically decline between May and … Read more