Comey, Brennan, and McDonough were the “highest-ranking officials at the FBI, CIA and White House” and were working in concert to ensure an investigation was initiated, congressional members told this report… Documents suggest possible coordination between CIA, FBI, Obama … Read more

A conspiracy by the FBI to gain access to the data of unsuspecting consumers is wholly un-American. At this point, corporate collusion with the surveillance state should itself be a crime.

EFF are reporting they have documents which confirm Best Buy gave the FBI a tour of their repair facility, the FBI paid Geek Squad employees as informants, and FBI agents have a process for investigating & prosecuting people who sent … Read more

The Only Thing That Will Stop The Russian Collusion Nonsense Is BIG TROUBLE For The Financial System

by James Howard Kunstler via Remember that one from 1996? Funny, that was the American mainstream media bragging, after the fact, about our own meddling in another nation’s election. WASHINGTON — A team of American political strategists who helped [California] Gov. Pete … Read more

WH Deputy Press Sec. Raj Shah on Tucker Tonight, following today's indictments: "When you see these efforts by Democrats pushing this collusion conspiracy, what they're really doing, is doing the Russians' dirty work for them"

The left has thought all along that Trump supporters were the ones manipulated by Russia. Looking more like they were the ones manipulated into protesting a democratically elected President. They will not be able to cope with this mindfuck lol. … Read more

Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory Crumbles: Mueller Now Says Trump Team ‘Unwitting’

by Chris Black On Friday, Robert Mueller’s special counsel announced the indictment (37 pages) of thirteen Russian nationals and 3 Russian entities. The Justice Department’s indictment claims that Russian entities stole US citizens’ identities to deceptively, let me quote:  “communicate … Read more