BBC Newsnight interview – supporting material on Ben Nimmo, Atlantic Council, False Flags & Staged Events, I asked Gabriel Gatehouse to read

by Ian Shilling Video link Gabriel’s description of the piece he is producing to be aired on BBC’s Newsnight April 24tht:- “I’m doing a piece for Newsnight about information wars. I’ve interviewed quite a range of people, including Tara McCormack of … Read more

New Orleans Implemented a CIA Backed Predictive Policing Technology in Complete Secrecy in 2012 – Not even City Council Members knew about it

PALANTIR HAS SECRETLY BEEN USING NEW ORLEANS TO TEST ITS PREDICTIVE POLICING TECHNOLOGY The program began in 2012 as a partnership between New Orleans Police and Palantir Technologies, a data-mining firm founded with seed money from the CIA’s venture capital … Read more

PRIME SUSPECT: CEO of Mandalay Bay, James Murren, is on the DHS Infrastructure Advisory Council!

Here he is on the member list: The National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) shall provide the President through the Secretary of Homeland Security with advice on the security of the critical infrastructure sectors and their information systems: James … Read more

McMaster Pulls In Obama Pentagon Staff Members For Senior National Security Council Roles – Albanian-Kosovan Brothers. Sound Familiar?

by Ruby Henley H.R. McMaster is the enemy within, who is quietly working to fill the Trump White House with Obama Pentagon staff members.  Not only that, he is giving them senior National Security Council roles.  Who are they? You … Read more

The OBAMA MAFIA Funneled Money Extorted By The DOJ From Settlements To Progressive Groups Like The NATIONAL COUNCIL OF LA RAZA.

by Pamela Williams Remember the movie THE GODFATHER?  The Mafia went from business to business extorting money from those businesses, and, of course, they paid to stay in business.  Obama and his DOJ/Loretta Lynch did the very same thing to those they … Read more