The American Dream is dead. It's happened so slowly without real media coverage that the majority is clueless. What happens next?

“Study By MIT Economist: U.S. Has Regressed To A Third-World Nation For Most Of Its Citizens” Does the “normal” U.S. citizen know this? Why not? by Yossarian Johnson America divided – this concept increasingly graces political discourse in the U.S., pitting … Read more

Truth Draws More Eyes Than Dem Propaganda: Trump News Coverage 91% Negative, Drudge Tops Google News In Traffic Race

The broadcast network evening newscasts remain as hostile as ever towards President Trump and his agenda, although the networks appear to be easing up on their obsessive wall-to-wall coverage of the administration. Since Inauguration Day (January 20), Media Research Center … Read more

Unbelievable Tragedy And Earth Changing Event – LIVE COVERAGE Of ORVILLE DAM EMERGENCY SPILLWAY – CHATROOM AND UP-TO-DATE Information.

by Pamela Williams Evacuations of Orville advised by Water Staff due to finding of a hole eroding land back toward the spillway. Compromise the spillway, substantial release of water down stream, and potential of catastrophic failure. The DWR folks rate … Read more