Is There A Grand Jury Investigating Hillary? Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!… today subpoenaed the Department of Justice for documents regarding charging decisions in the investigation surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server… Kallstrom: Brennan … Read more

Fake Anti-Semitism: Dual US-Israeli citizen Michael Kadar indicted for anti-Semitic hate crimes

by Dr. Eowyn More fake anti-Semitic hate crimes. The Guardian‘s Peter Beaumont reported in April 2017 that Israeli police arrested a dual US-Israeli citizen, Michael Ron David Kadar, 18, for: Making bomb threats against Jewish centers in the U.S. for “financial gain”; Using sophisticated technology … Read more

What the FBI and law enforcement agencies do is target vulnerable individuals and then encourage them to commit crimes, often arming them or supplying them with targets and information.

by shadow332 This is OBVIOUSLY what happened with Nikolas Cruz, especially given the history the FBI had with him and how many times he’d been redflagged. Remember that even the director of the FBI said that it was a clear breach … Read more

Expert predicts Bill and Hillary Clinton will BOTH be convicted “BIGLY” for crimes in 2018 as their house of cards comes crashing DOWN

by: JD Heyes (Natural News) In just a few short weeks, former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown will begin serving a five-year prison sentence for participating in an $800,000 charity fraud. But her conviction and sentencing will no doubt raise questions … Read more

The Donald Trump Jr.Meeting With Foreign Entities Is No More A Scandal Than Clinton Crimes. PLUS The Very Attribute That Made Donald Trump President Is Why The Deep State Wants To Oust Him.

by Pamela Williams I want to start this report first by saying the meeting Donald Trump Jr. was recently involved in with the strange cast of foreign entities occurred before President Trump was even nominated.  In fact, it would be no … Read more