German People are Being Demonized for Fleeing the Cities and Becoming Independent of the Current Economic and Financial Systems

It seems that more and more Germans are going back to their roots. They are moving out to the country and building and maintaining medieval-style villages, where they live healthy lives in a tight-knit community. In the process, they are … Read more

Fund Manager: It’ll Be Difficult To Sell Houses At Current Prices But That’s Just The Start Of The Problems

by Dave Kranzler via Investment Research Dynamics Housing Market Supply And Demand: Just The Facts “Housing – people are insane if they think housing isn’t going to get crushed with rising rates. As you outline often, it’s already happening in ( NY, Den, … Read more

Has the TrumpTrain Derailed? Or Has the Media Continued to Misreport the Current Administration? A Record 60% of Americans Disapprove of the President

by Robert Carbery Doug Wead’s encapsulating look at the 2016 election, Game of Thorns: The Inside Story of Hillary Clinton’s Failed Campaign and Donald Trump’s Winning Strategy, is a well written and well balanced narrative that tells the whole story … Read more