Consumer Confidence Hits Fresh 14-Year High… Food Stamps Use Plummets To 6-Year Low… Kudlow predicts 4%-5% growth…

Consumer Confidence Hits Fresh 14-Year High… U.S. consumers’ confidence hit a fresh 14-year high this month, as lower-income households reported feeling more optimistic about the economy. The University of Michigan on Friday said the preliminary result of its consumer-sentiment index … Read more

Alabama Sheriff, Todd Entrekin, pocketed $750K from an inmate food fund and then bought a beach house for $740K.

Although the Sheriff cites an archaic law to justify his embezzlement, its clear he intentionally underfed inmates and then pocketed the difference. Graft, in all its forms, is a conspiracy which cannot be tolerated in a thriving Republic. FOX NEWS – … Read more

Food scientists have created a new, faster way of testing for pesticide residues on vegetables using magnetic nanoparticles

by: Isabelle Z. (Natural News) You’ve decided that spending extra money on organic produce is worth the reassurance it gives you. Whether you’re driven by environmental concerns or you’re trying to reduce your risk of cancer, it’s a smart move … Read more

FOOD COLLAPSE imminent? Researchers create “robobees” as last ditch effort to compensate for collapsing bee populations

by: David Williams (Natural News) The invention of robot bees – robobees, for short – could be the long-awaited solution to all sorts of problems caused by the dwindling bee population all around the world. Just in case you haven’t … Read more

66% of Millennials have nothing saved for retirement, one-third of American households can’t afford food, shelter or medical care

66% of Millennials have nothing saved for retirement Most Millennials are not on track when it comes to saving for retirement. That’s no surprise. After paying bills, rent and making student loan payments, there’s often not much leftover each month … Read more