Putin in Interview with NBC's Megsham Kelly: Trump wants to stop WWIII with Russia, but is being prevented by "certain forces"

From the full, unedited interview, starting around the 1:25:55 mark Full Unedited Interview to American TV channel NBC NBC anchor Megyn Kelly. The interview was recorded in the Kremlin on March 1, 2018, and in Kaliningrad on March 2, 2018. … Read more

The FBI’s outrageous destruction of evidence involving Peter Strzok forces us to re-examine the Waco raid of 1993

by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) Recent breaking news about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) knowingly destroying at least five months’ worth of text message evidence pertaining to an investigation into President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia has sent shockwaves … Read more

International arms watchdog finds that most ISIS weaponry was purchased by the United States and Saudi Arabia before being shipped to opposition forces in Syria and Iraq.

An international arms watchdog has confirmed that a large percentage of the weapons used by ISIS were initially purchased by the US or Saudi Arabia. They were shipped to anti-Assad forces and Iraqi government militias before quickly being recycled into … Read more

OVER 5 FEET OF SNOW IN 36HRS in Erie Pennsylvania. State Emergency Declared. Snow Forces National Guard Onto Streets

OVER 5 FEET OF SNOW IN 36HRS in Erie Pennsylvania. State Emergency Declared Snow continues to fall in Erie, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas that already have seen a record amount of snow over the past few days, prompting a emergency … Read more

President Trump And FBI Forces Loyal To Him Arrested Key Figures In The Russian Mafia Back In June – Is There A Las Vegas Connection?

by Ruby Henley President Trump and FBI forces loyal to him arrested nearly three dozen purported Russian mobsters, which was quietly reported by the media on June 7, 2017.  However, it was not widely reported, and I would be surprised … Read more