BRAVE ENOUGH? FITTON: "There's no Mueller investigation without the dossier paid for by Clinton and @DNC funds – so the whole thing is subject to really, I think, being called off now by the Justice Department, if they're brave enough."

by TFittonJW Memo is a devastating blow to Mueller, hence the Establishment screaming. This Fox News interview, subjectively speaking, remains the best on-the-spot analysis of the Memo. I even had to call out Speaker Ryan: And here’s our Judicial Watch … Read more

All Bubbles Eventually Find Their Pin: US Consumers Tap Out, Cryptobubble Has Just Burst, Stock Funds See Biggest Weekly Outflows…

by Chris US Consumers Tap Out: Personal Savings Rate Plunges To 10 Year Low While Americans Splurge The latest confirmation that the US consumer is now effectively tapped out came moments ago when the Dept of Commerce reported that in … Read more