Suzanna Hupp is a survivor of the Luby’s massacre where 23 people were killed, including both of her parents. Instead of fighting for stricter gun laws, Hupp has fought for less regulation, arguing that she would have been able to stop the gunman if she was allowed to concealed carry.

with all of the talk about gun control after recent mass shootings, it’s refreshing to see a survivor have an entirely different perspective than what we’ve seen from other survivors. … Read more

President Trump: Hundreds of good people, including very important Ambassadors and Judges, are being blocked and/or slow walked by the Democrats in the Senate … Worst in U.S. history!

This is the plan and they’re hoping for a 2020 win so they can discount all his nominations and fast track the activist judges they have waiting in the wings. … Read more

List of reporters that Hillary wined and dined, including biggest journalists and pundits of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, and a lot more. Off the record.

by Bucks2001 (another dinner with 25) “20 reporters who will closely cover the campaign (aka the bus)” “Off the record” dinner with 25 press attendees.” “Hi John – … Read more

This is a copy of the laws of Virginia, including the Constitution, from 1819. It lists a completely different 13th Amendment than the one in modern Constitutions. There are dozens of similar examples from across the country.

There are numerous examples of an entirely different 13th Amendment with the following text: “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of … Read more

JUST HEARD ON FOX & friends FIRST: At least some of the $1.7 B cash Obama sent by plane to Iran has been traced to Iran-backed terrorist groups, including Hezbollah

Let me get the straight. Obama gave Iran cash that they then gave to terrorists which they use to murder Americans. Please explain how this is not treason. “Whoever, owing … Read more

Treason Alert: Top Democrats, INCLUDING BERNIE and MAD MAXINE WATERS, attack FBI, put agents in harm's way–criticize Disgraced Former Director, Jim "The Weasel " Comey for ruining FBI's credibility.

Published on May 11, 2017 The democrats are hypocrites they are now calling Comey’s firing disgraceful and before that they wanted him fired. That is when he reopened Hillary’s case … Read more

Pentagon Obama’s DOD Gave Security Clearances to Contractors Charged with Felonies, Including Pedop

Pentagon: Obama’s DOD Gave Security Clearances to Contractors Charged with Felonies, Including Pedophilia…………    

Tom Fitton will be on Fox and Friends next hour to talk Clinton/Abedin/Weiner laptop email

by TFittonJW Here is link to the 139 new government emails found on the Weiner laptop. The State Department Cover Letter: Reference Sheet which includes links to other laptop materials which … Read more

DCLeaks just dropped emails from a lot of people, including Huma & Podesta bros.

Research happening at 4chan/pol ——— >Andy Kerr (11561 emails) >Kathleen McGinty (8685 emails) >Leslie A. Dach this one is fragmented to the following subpages: HHS (2981 emails): … Read more