If you’re ripped off by Comcast (or any internet company), Wells Fargo (or any bank/student lender), or Aetna (or any health insurance company), here’s how to get your money back.

by listenlindalinda Adding more resources below and an ask to share this post with people who might need it. — All of these companies are regulated — a government agency is paid by your taxes to make sure you’re not … Read more

Our Dental Insurance Sent us “Free” Internet-Connected Toothbrushes. And this is What Happened Next

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter When the product is “free,” WE are the product. Last December, we changed dental insurance. The new insurer included in its offering a set of “free” electric toothbrushes, the vibrating “sonic” kind called evocatively “Beam Brush.” … Read more

It Begins! It Started With Gun Control… California Wants To End Speech On The Internet. Wants All Websites To Use Government Fact Checkers

“Speech Criminals” Will Pay Penalties Richard Pan, a radical leftist state senator from California, has introduced a horrific bill that will undercut the fabric of the First Amendment by cracking down on free speech on the internet. Is it really … Read more