MESSAGE FOR: American Voters Who Want America Back – Vote out TRAITOR Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia who just betrayed all of us with the CLOUD ACT

I think we should do this for every Congressman who voted against privacy or did similar sneaky shit to betray us.!&p=1981778#post1981778 h/t time2yawn

Tom Fitton UNLEASHES on Obama Amid FBI Text Message Firestorm “FISA Wasn’t the Only Way Obama Gang Spied on Trump”

by TFittonJW the latest FBI texts: Obama wanted to "know everything" about Clinton email investigation from his appointee Comey. And no doubt we will find Obama wanted to "know everything" about his Clinton/DNC dossier/FBI spying on @RealDonaldTrump team. Will Obama … Read more

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, Postpones Michael Flynn’s Sentencing – FBI Sends Message To Trump White House.

by Ruby Henley Special Counsel Mueller is feeling the heat right now, as he just postponed the sentencing of Michael Flynn.  He has come so far only to be faced with the truth, which may be revealed possibly tomorrow with … Read more

Dr. JEROME CORSI: A Message From Qanon – It's On…. Prepare & Gird Yourself! (INFOWARS – January 28th 2018) The Alex Jones Channel January 28th 2018 Jerome Corsi discusses Qanon, Satanism, Human Trafficking, Child sacrifices (Pizzagate), Obama/Clinton 16-year plan to destroy America, FBI/DOJ corruption, disturbing drops to come to the public, Julian Assange and more!

“Obstruction of Justice” – Special Agent Strzok Text Message Highlights FBI Investigative Intent… DOJ Telling Trump NO On Realeasing FBI Memo

by sundance Since Thursday night we’ve been combing the FBI files to figure out exactly what FBI Agent Peter Strzok was referencing in one of the most recently released text messages.  We have discovered the context and the text is now … Read more