Two U.S. military code operators were committed to psychiatric institutions after intercepting messages about a planned assassination attempt on JFK, recently released documents reveal

Author Jerry Kroth describes two previously unknown events revealed in the recently released documents on the JFK assassination. In early November 1963, Eugene Dinkin, a U.S. Army cryptographic code operator, … Read more

Am I missing something or does more than half of the tax you pay go to the military?

  Sourced from wikimedia commons h/t EmployerOfTheMonth

The CIA is the biggest drug trafficker & dealer in world, facilitated by 900 overseas U.S. military bases in the transportation of heroin, cocaine and other drugs. Some background of MK-ULTRA too.

Today we’re joined by author and research Jan Irvin of to discuss his groundbreaking new article, co-authored with Joe Atwill, “Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering…” Piecing … Read more

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