Crisis: For The First Time Ever, Millennials With Student Debt Have Negative Net Wealth

by stockboardasset On Thursday, Young Invincibles released a troubling update to their report, “The Financial Health of Young America: Measuring Generational Declines Between Baby Boomers & Millennials.” This report includes a cross-generational study of the financial well-being of Millennials today versus Baby Boomers when they were … Read more Bust Twitter Dethreading All of President Trumps Positive Replies So Only Negative Replies Show Up First! Very Nasty People!

“The internet is a public forum where people can freely exchange speech and ideas!” “Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc are private companies, Drumpftard! They can censor you all they want!” “Internet is a basic human right and ISPs need to provide … Read more

Exuberant stock market, disappearing middle class, history repeats itself….1 in 5 American households have ‘zero or negative’ wealth, drowning in credit card debt, paychecks just aren't growing

Exuberant stock market, disappearing middle class, history repeats itself [ A 32-year-old mother of 7 children called Florence Owens Thompson, Nipomo, California. February 1936.] One in five American households have ‘zero or negative’ wealth U.S. homes have regained value since … Read more

John Hussman Declares Market Internals Have Deteriorated And Adopts A Negative Outlook

by SpontaneousDisorder US stocks are well over double the valuations normally achieved at market bottoms (as previously shown by Hussman with measures most correlated with subsequent returns). Sentiment has also been hitting historic extremes recently – another reason to expect a top. Here … Read more

Comparing Two Natalee Holloway Documentaries – Connecting The Dots – Searching For The Truth After DNA Results For Bones Come Back Negative For Natalee Holloway.

by Ruby Henley I have been trying to  connect the dots for Natalee Holloway for years.  In fact, I have researched her disappearance from the island of Aruba since that day she did not make her flight home.  That horrific … Read more